Zomato Ensures Strict Action against Delivery Boy against Food Tampering

Zomato delivery boy

In the current days of running time at a fast pace has created an appealing scenario to conduct the order of food through the websites and app. Zomato comes under the same category which is being used for the same work. To order the food using the available apps has become a common trend among those living in town.  Such topics are drawing the attention of people the most in the form of today’s news.

It has been reported that most of the people are working and leads a busy life and hence they always try to explore some reliving doorstep to feed them. Eventually, they opt to purchase the food online. The Zomato is getting bigger day by day and hence people trust the site frequently. This has become as the boon for all people these days. But unfortunately, a very disappointing kind of scene has been reported. This case has been noted in various part of the country. The delivery guy has been found to eat the ordered food prior to taking it to the customer. For CCTV cameras lies everywhere and thus the footage is quite clear in this regard. This is one of the current news that has offered a sensational situation among regular customers.

Zomato delivery boy

According to the footage taken by CCTV camera made the people known that with real happenings that delivery guy does. The video footage associated with such happenings has gone viral on social media sites. This news is quite embarrassing and had changed the mindset of people. As per the latest news, people are criticizing the happening too much is enough to ruin the status of Zomato. The associated footage has justify everyone in the shocked state and several questions are now striking to mind now.

The piece of information collected later by stringers has revealed that Zomato has decided to take strict action to sort out the problem. The brand has offered the assurance they won’t be tolerating any food tampering and will try the best to add more securities to keep such misconducts at the possibility of Zero. No doubt the delivery guy is the representatives of their brand so the matter is definitely the subject to be taken into consideration at depth. The brand told that it would be its prime work too let its name maintain in the top news always directing towards the positive way.

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